RSS: how to follow my (or anyone's!) blogs...

What are RSS feeds?

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) or Rich Site Summary, as some refer to it, is a popular means of receiving content (such as news headlines) without needing to constantly visit a Web site or blog to see what's new.

What is the SIMPLEST way to subscribe to RSS feeds?

  1. Make sure you are browsing the Web using a Web browser like FIREFOX that has RSS functionality built into it.
  2. Visit the Web sites that you want to "follow" and look for the RSS feed icon. Following are examples of commonly used RSS feed icons.
    RSS iconRSS icon: RSSRSS icon: RSS 2.0

  3. Click on that RSS icon to add that site/blog to your RSS feed.  Each web browser with RSS functionality is a little different.  In Firefox a pop-up will ask you what you want to call this RSS feed (the default is fine) and where you want the RSS feed to sit.  The default is  "Bookmark's Toolbar" and clicking yes puts a tiny icon in your toolbar that when you click on it shows the blog's most recent postings s makes it easy to check in occasionally.

Why do I see code when I click on the RSS feed links?

If you see code when you click on an RSS feed link, it is because you are browsing the Web using an older version of a Web browser (for example, Internet Explorer 6) that does not recognize RSS feeds. Downloading a newer version of most Web browsers will correct this.